20th Annual WAW Ladies Conference! 


Women Around the World Ministry was created to reach God’s beautiful women for the kingdom of Christ.  It is our goal to share His gospel with all women, regardless of age, race or cultural background.  Our Creator, God the Father, loves each of His daughters.  We know that God has a plan to take what seems to us like “not enough and make it more than enough.”

Our purpose is to share the Message that Jesus is our Redeemer and that He has personally purchased each one of us as a precious treasure.  He teaches us that we each have matchless value, regardless of our past failures or shortcomings.  In Him we are restored, beautiful and worthy to share His love story with those around us and those around the world.

Darlene Rhodes

Founder of WAW ministries, co-pastors with her husband Darryl at Solid Rock Family Church in Farmington, Missouri.

Darlene began speaking at Ladies Conferences internationally, as well as State-side in 1996. 

In 2005, she started a yearly Conference at her home church. God has used that yearly conference to launch WAW Ministries, connecting women from many cultures world-wide.

Darlene rejoices in the fact that many of the other conferences she conducts are a result of a God-ordained team of women, who seek God and share a passion for reaching and empowering women around the world.

She has experienced miracles first-hand and often says that God took her “not enough” and made it more than enough! Darlene loves spending time with her family, pastoring and having coffee in unique coffee shops around the world with the love of her life, Darryl!

The Miracle of the Breaking: My Life, His Story. A Memoir

The “Miracle of the Breaking” entreats you to look beyond the meager pieces of yourself, a scattering of qualifications that are most certainly not enough for the task ahead, and look to the Miracle Worker who can transform even the smallest offering.

Darlene Rhodes, pastor and international speaker, shares her intimate story of rising from an ocean of fear steeped with abuse and disappointment, and taking hold of a new hope and future with God. Her message transcends experience and setting and details, of times and names…it answers the questions so many wrestle with: “Can God really use me and my mess for anything good? Can things turn around in a life so devoid of perspective beyond the struggle, a life steeped in sorrow?”

Her story answers this heart-cry with a resounding YES.

Do you believe God would do the same for you?

We now have 10 Translations!

1) English        

2) Georgian 

3) Spanish

4) Kiswahili

5) Burmese

6) Tagalog 

7) Azerbaijani

8) Russian

9) Farsi

10) Armenian



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